3x Garden Light Fanoos 14" with Polypole 12 feet & 3-way fitting

SKU: 3-Garden-Light-Fanoos-14-Polypole-12-feet



  • 12 feet Polysteel Pole with 3-way fitting & 3 Fanoos Lights 14 inches
  • It is made from strong strength polyethylene material
  • Polysteel Pole is a beautiful, affordable, and decorative post which looks like wrought iron
  • The initial cost of laborsaving direct burial base makes it economical
  • Polysteel Pole is a unique three-part composite combining structural benefits of steel with low maintenance and moldability of plastic
  • The rich black color of the exterior is not painted but the color of the material itself
  • Polysteel Poles can withstand strong wind velocity, sun heat, rain, and snow

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