Air Coolers

Air coolers are one of the best solutions to beat the heat in a harsh summer season. Not only are they easily accessible but they are also very pocket-friendly and energy efficient compared to Air Conditioning. However, picking a suitable air cooler in Pakistan for your home or workplace can be a confusing task as there is plenty of variety in the market to be considered. Continue reading the blog to find out in detail the importance of air coolers.

How do Air Coolers Work?

Air coolers use a more evolved form of a basic scientific technique of evaporation. Not much dissimilar to air-conditioning and refrigerators, Air coolers use a simple fan system that hauls the fresh air from the surroundings and use cooling pads to lower the temperature of the air which is then blown out of the fans. Some water air coolers even have a water storage system that is filled with cold water. The cooling sheets absorb the water and when that evaporates it makes the surrounding Air cooler which is then blown out through the fans. There is even new technology that enables air coolers with compressors.

Benefits of Using an Air Cooler

  • Energy Efficient: Air coolers utilize ten folds less energy compared to conventional air conditioning which results in reduced electricity bills. Some air coolers today have inverter technology which further decreases energy. consumption.
  • Environment Friendly: Air coolers operate on the natural evaporation system of cooling with no carbon emission thus making it an environmentally friendly option, unlike air conditioning which uses harmful gases like CFCs in its operations.
  • Quality of Air: Air coolers pull in the fresh air from outside, that air is then filtered before it is circulated. The air is moist which is not only easy to breathe in but it also keeps your skin hydrated. 

Types of Air Coolers 

  • Portable Plastic Body Air Coolers: There are air coolers that come with a set of wheels that allows them to be placed wherever you want in your house so they can be used strategically to cool the area from any angle. They are the most suitable air coolers in Karachi weather especially.
  • Window Cooler: These are the type of air coolers that are installed in the window of the room. They are easy to install and come with installation hardware and can be installed vertically or horizontally. They are perfect as Room air coolers
  • Industrial Air Cooler: Industrial air coolers are the most economical way of keeping warehouses or workshops cool. They can also be used to keep the important industrial material at the desired temperature. 

To Sum it Up 

There you have it, the importance of air coolers and the types of air coolers. Keep in mind these features before making a purchase regarding cooling technologies. Air coolers have proven to be a more suitable solution than air conditioning with their energy-saving capabilities and environmentally friendly features. While shopping for air coolers, make sure to know all your needs and buy one with the right water tank capacity so that the optimum cooling effect is achieved without taking up a lot of placement space in the room. You can easily get the best air cooler prices in Pakistan