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Super Flo PE Pipe - 25 mm to 90mm, PN 10
End Cap 20mm (comp)
Male Elbow 20mm x ½” (comp)
Female Elbow 20mm x ¾” (comp)
Male Tee 20mm x ½” (comp)
Female Tee 20mm x ½” (comp)
Equal Tee 20mm (comp)
Male Threaded Adapter 20mm x ¾” (comp)
Female Threaded Adapter 20mm x ½” (comp)
PE End Cap 63mm (Molded, Butt Fusion)
PE Equal Tee 63mm (Molded, Butt Fusion)
PE Bend 63mm (4 piece fabricated, Butt Fusion)
PE Stub Rubber Washer 63mm
PE Stub 63mm
PE Stub 63mm
PE Flange Adapter (with blind end) 63mm
PE Flange Adapter (complete) 63mm
PE Tee 20 mm (Socket Fusion)
PE Elbow 20 mm (Socket Fusion)
PE Socket 20 mm (Socket Fusion)
End Plug 1/2 inch
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End Plug 1/2 inch
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