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Children's Table with Drawers + 4 Chairs
Closed Top Container 200 Liters
Closed Top Container 80 Liters
Cube Light 18" x 18" x 18"
Doffing Box Large 70 Liters
Doffing Box Small 50 Liters
End Cap 20mm (comp)
End Plug 1/2 inch
From Rs.17
End Plug 1/2 inch
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Equal Tee 20mm (comp)
Female Elbow 110mm x 4” (comp)
Female Elbow 20mm x ¾” (comp)
Female Elbow 25mm x ¾” (comp)
Female Elbow 32mm x 1” (comp)
Female Elbow 40mm x 1¼” (comp)
Female Elbow 50mm x 1½” (comp)
Female Elbow 63mm x 2” (comp)
Female Elbow 75mm x 2½” (comp)
Female Elbow 90mm x 3” (comp)
Female Tee 110mm x 100mm x 4” (comp)
Female Tee 20mm x ½” (comp)
Female Tee 25mm x ¾” (comp)

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