Find out which colour water tank is best for you!

There are several factors to consider while purchasing a storage tank. The material and size of the water tank are the most obvious considerations. When it comes to choosing a tank color, however, it is mostly an aesthetic decision that has an impact on the temperature and quality of the solution stored. Darker colors, such as black, will heat up the water while lighter colors keep it cool.

Color Considerations for Water Tanks!

Many customers base their tank color choice solely on aesthetics and how well the tank will blend in with the surrounding environment. There are two key considerations to mind when selecting a tank color:


  • Considering the temperature of water is important for choosing a water tank. Dark-colored water tanks absorb more heat from the sun, causing the water to become warm or hot if used for drinking or other purposes.

  • On the other hand, dark-colored water tanks perform better in the presence of UV radiation. Some colored polymer mixtures last longer than others. Darker colors, for example, tend to perform better than lighter tones in tests of extreme UV weathering.

These two factors will not be as important if the water storage tank is located in a shielded or out of direct UV radiation position. Super tuff is the leading supplier and provider of cold-water storage tanks.

Use of Black Water Tanks

Black Water Tanks are known to have maximum UV stability, out of all colors. This means that algae growth will hardly be there, since sunlight does not reach the photosynthesis can lead to the growth of algae and the dissemination of light-sensitive bacteria, while black water tanks prevent light from accessing the interior matter, where photosynthesis can lead to the formation of algae and the diffusion of light-sensitive germs. When the inner solution is exposed to sunshine, the rate of development can be increased by a factor of ten. As a result, blocking the sun is an important factor to consider while choosing plastic water tanks.

black water tanks

Black water tanks are also more durable than all other tanks. These tanks were the first polyethylene-based tanks in Pakistan that have been in use since 1986.

Use of White Water Tanks

Water tanks are used for a variety of uses and reasons. There are two types of water storage tanks to choose from above-ground storage and below-ground storage. The bright white color of your water tank provides aesthetic value to your structure and may be utilized for both home and industrial purposes.

However, while tank color is primarily a cosmetic decision, it can have an impact on the temperature and quality of the solution stored.

Use of Blue Water Tanks

Blue water tanks are also aesthetically pleasing and can provide some UV protection, but not as much as black water tanks. These tanks also have an aesthetic appeal and can look decent on rooftops. Dirt present in air is also not that much visible on blue water tanks.

The Super Tuff water tanks, on the other hand, are tough and can withstand extreme conditions. It is well-known as a top water tank manufacturer and supplier. They offer long-term and dependable water storage systems for residential, industrial, and agricultural applications.