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PPrC Tee-Equal
From Rs.171
PPrC Tee-Equal
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PPrC Reducing Tee 25mm x 20mm
PPrC Reducing Socket 25mm x 20mm
PPrC Reducing Elbow 25mm x 20mm
PPrC Female Tee 25mm
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PPrC End Cap
From Rs.138
PPrC End Cap
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PE Stub Rubber Washer 63mm
PE Stub 63mm
PE Stub 63mm
PE Socket 20 mm (Socket Fusion)
PE Flange Adapter (complete) 63mm
PE Flange Adapter (with blind end) 63mm
PE Equal Tee 63mm (Molded, Butt Fusion)
PE End Cap 63mm (Molded, Butt Fusion)
PE Bend 63mm (4 piece fabricated, Butt Fusion)
Male Tee 20mm x ½” (comp)
Male Elbow 20mm x ½” (comp)
Female Elbow 20mm x ¾” (comp)

Pipes, Compression Fittings, PE & PPrC Piping System

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Water is life, and life on Earth is intertwined with it. Water, like air, is essential to our survival. Water is the foundation of civilization. Water collection, storage, transportation, and use are so essential for human survival. Droughts and water constraints are very common nowadays. Water and piping systems utilized for its transportation and management become even more critical and necessary in this situation. For varied applications, we require a variety of plumbing systems. We require efficient piping systems in order to make efficient use of water. Diverse innovative plastic piping systems have been developed for various uses throughout the last few decades. Alternative materials and products are constantly being created all over the world.

Plastic piping systems have already found favor in Pakistan. In the areas of hot and cold water delivery, soil and waste disposal, cooling and heating systems, rainwater disposal/harvesting systems, and so on, new vistas have opened. This is mostly due to the significant value added by Plastic pipe systems, and other PPrC pipe and PE pipe, which include corrosion resistance, reduced frictional losses, lightweight, ease of handling, simple jointing, extended life, and cost savings.

Many revolutionary plastic piping products have been developed by Super Tuff.

Super Tuff is credited with developing a number of ground-breaking piping products and has been a trailblazer in the country's move from traditional to advanced, PPrC pipe, PE pipe, and Plastic piping systems. Super Tuff recognizes and values its customers' diverse needs, which drives research and development.

Plastic Piping Division:

Super Tuff is a well-known leader in Pakistan's plastic industry, with a long history of producing creative and cost-effective piping solutions. The company's goal is to provide a high-performance range of piping products to fulfill the rising needs of its clients in the water, waste management, and infrastructure sectors. Almost every application segment is covered by Super Tuff's extensive line of piping products. Each product has been custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of a certain application, ensuring that it is both functional and practical.

Super Tuff’s PPrC and PE Piping System saves energy and water by forming almost leak-free pipes that are resistant to corrosion and environmental stress. Breakage rates for PPrC systems are as low as 1% of those for cast metal systems. PPrC pipe, and PE pipe are more functional and energy-efficient due to the lack of build-up. PPrC is increasingly being used to replace traditional building materials like wood, metal, concrete, and clay.

Benefits Of Super Tuff PPrC and PE Piping System

  1. Lightweight but strong
  2. Easy To Install
  3. Durable
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Safe Material
  6. Good insulator
  7. Versatile


Meeting the highest quality standard:

Super Tuff is a leader in continual quality improvement and is well-known for its commitment to minimizing negative environmental effects. Systematic quality planning in the development of processes and products, quality assurance in the selection and procurement of raw materials, the use of cutting-edge testing equipment, and comprehensive quality control in production, processes, and other areas ensure consistently high quality and dependability. With the goal of providing world-class products, Super Tuff is dedicated to excellence in product design, development, and processing.


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